Postpartum Belly Corset

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Support your post-baby belly with the lovely Postpartum Belly Corset! This item is safe to wear and encourages quicker healing of the abdominal muscles.

You'l find the material of the Postpartum Belly Corset to be soft, breathable, and comfortable.

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  • Detachable ribbing shows lest impressions under clothing
  • Medical-grade quality
  • Comfortable & breathable combed cotton
  • Absorbent material
  • High-Quality
  • Four adjustable sections
  • Helps to align pelvic bones
  • Provides back support


  • M: Length x width 100*30/39.4*11.8,Postpartum abdominal circumference: 60-85 /23.6-33.5,Expected birth weight: 45-65 kg,Postpartum weight: Within 55 kg
  • L: Length x width115*30/45.3*11.8,Postpartum abdominal circumference: 70-95 /27.6-37.4,Expected birth weight: 65-80 kg,Postpartum weight: 55-70 kg
  • XL: Length x width 130*30/51.2*11.8,Postpartum abdominal circumference: 90-130 /35.4-51.2, Expected birth weight: 80-110 kg,Postpartum weight: 70-100kg
  • Color: White / Pink / Blue
  • Season: Four Seasons


  • Item: Waist corset
  • Thickness: Medium
  • Soft Index: Soft
  • Material&Fabric: 100%Cotton
  • Margin Wrap Fabric: 100%

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Postpartum Belly Corset