LED Speedometer Display

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The LED Speedometer Display is perfect for keeping track of your speed. Don't get pulled over due to speeding!

The device is easy to install and use. The suction-cup design won't leave marks on your dashboard.

Right now, the LED Speedometer Display is on sale!


  • GPS speedometer: collecting real time speed from GPS satellites
  • Driving time and distance calculation and display
  • Plug & play: Powered through vehicle lighter outlet jack
  • Display MPH or KM/h - Simple push button set up
  • Auto adjust brightness through sensor for day & night-time driving
  • Over-speed warning: 3-second alarm beep and display flash will warn driver 93 beeps for over speeding alert)
  • Alarm mute function
  • Universal: compatible with all cars, trucks, bikes, & motorcycles

Screen Display Modes:

  • Mode A: Single Display Mode - Only speed in full screen
    • Slide the toggle switch up and hold to see the driving speed only, repeat to see full information display.
  • Mode B: Multifunctional Display M  ode - Speed, Single Driving Time, Single Driving Mileage, and Car Voltage.
    • Slide the toggle switch down and hold to see the time display at the bottom right corner, repeat to see the altitude display.

Package Includes:

  • 1 x LED Speedometer Display