Gorgeous Undergarment Corset

$22.95 $44.95


This Gorgeous Undergarment Corset is perfect for wearing under shirts, dresses, blouses, and even workout clothes. It feels amazing against the skin as the material is super soft, elastic, and breathable.

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This garment is machine washable.

Very easy to put on and take off.

Size Chart:

Size Waist Bust
S 60.96cm - 66.04cm 81.28cm - 86.36cm
M 66.04cm - 71.12cm 86.36cm - 91.44cm
L 71.12cm - 76.2cm 91.44cm - 96.52cm
XL 76.2cm - 81.28cm 96.52cm - 101.6cm
2XL 81.28cm - 86.36cm 101.6cm - 106.68cm
3XL 86.36cm - 91.44cm 106.68cm - 111.76cm
4XL 91.44cm - 96.52cm 111.76cm - 116.84cm
5XL 96.52cm - 101.6cm 116.84cm - 121.92cm
6XL 101.6cm - 106.68cm 121.92cm - 127cm