16-in-1 Bicycle Tool Set

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Here is a bike repair kit that everyone who cycles needs!

The kit contains 16 different components that you can carry with you to make repairs virtually anywhere!

The 16-in-1 Bicycle Tool Set is so easy to use!

Right now, this kit is on SALE!

Set Includes:

  1. Socket wrench 8/9/10mm
  2. Flat tip screwdrivers
  3. Plum screwdriver
  4. T Socket Extension rod
  5. Slab screwdriver 8/10/15mm
  6. Hex wrenches 6mm
  7. Hex wrenches 6mm
  8. Hex wrenches 4mm
  9. Hex wrenches 3mm
  10. Hex wrenches 2.5mm
  11. Hex wrenches 2mm
  12. Electroplated Carbon Steel Tool Head


  • Foldable design, durable, high strength, easier to repair
  • 16 In 1 Multifunction
  • Suitable for outdoor sports, cycling
  • Small and portable, to meet daily needs
  • 12 function combination tool, lightweight design, easy to carry

Package includes: 

  • 1 x 16-in-1 Bicycle Tool Set